SO I finally took the plunge and upgraded to DotNetNuke 5.00.01 beta on my live website.

Having create a staging site and then tested the upgrade in a protected environment, I discovered a few things had changed since version 4.9:

  1. Native jQuery support - YEEEESSS!!! A half-decent Javascript framework has been packed in - notice how the FancyZoom stuf on the portfolio page still works thanks to a great bit of code here;
  2. New container/skin architecture that inherits from the improved and re-organised DotNetNuke.UI namespace;
  3. Successfully breaking the administrative SolPartMenus for the blog module... lol.

Apart from that, upgrade went fairly smoothly There were some major hiccups, but these were caused by my failure to realise that I needed to upgrade Bruce Chapmanā€™s iFinity Friendly URL Provider to the latest version. Skins have been updated too and a minimum of two sites will be going live this week!

Stay tuned,