Silence can get a bit deafening from time to time so I thought I’d post up a quick update.

  • New Joomla project launched!

    Having been commissioned to do some “fixes” for a Joomla site, handover was finally successfully achieved and the site launched last Wednesday (19th August).

    Unfortunately the site makes use of VirtueMart – a Joomla e-commerce add-on with not the greatest of admin systems I’ve ever seen… and I have another Joomla/VirtueMart project starting this week! All the fun of the fair, as they say…

  • New e-commerce site launched!

    Resolution Records’ site finally went live on the 30th of June after several weeks of design and re-architecture. With a solid online marketing campaign, a new and fresh design by award-winning designer Matt Needle, fully integrated stock management and online credit-card processing, and a great Flash carousel on the homepage (supplied by another “code gecko”), Mark’s business is flourishing! Check out the portfolio to see the site in action.

Other news – I’m going to be buying my first ever MacBook soon, because they can now run Windows thanks to the Intel chipset, which means I get to run a triple-boot PC (Mac, Windows and Linux) for all my development needs.

I’m also expanding my skill set into PHP and beginning to look at WPF, WCF, Flash and Silverlight in more detail.

Migration to Umbraco is slow but steady – I intend to get my portfolio of DotNetNuke sites onto Umbraco by Christmas with any luck. If you haven’t checked it out already I highly recommend it due to it’s powerful (and insanely fast) XSLT-based template engine.

Watch this space!