Hello, blog readers!

It has been a long time since I have blogged. However, it's not been long time since I've been active in the Microsoft & ASP.NET software development community.

Approximately 18 months ago, I graciously accepted the invitation to become an ASPInsider, an extended part of the Microsoft MVP family. Since then, I've been fortunate enough to attend Microsoft's MVP Summit in Seattle back in March 2018, and meet some outstanding industry professionals, a number of whom I am grateful to call close friends and colleagues. To become an ASPInsider involved being nominated by over 10 professionals already part of the ASPInsider community - so I'd like to specifically thank the following people for nominating me, and to Brian Noyes for ensuring my confirmation:

I have so many experiences from MVP Summit in 2018 that I'm not even sure where to begin. However, one thing I specifically recall as being amazing, was sitting in a session regarding Visual Studio tools for web developers.

I raised my hand and asked, as a predominantly CMS-based developer, whether it would be possible to add a feature to VS2017, whereby we could take a CMS build previously only built with a ZIP file, and maybe Notepad++, or as a website project in a single directory, and do "File > New > Project from existing code" - whereby we could import all the ascx's, aspx's and master pages from a legacy webforms project, including the code-behind files, and immediately have a brand-new csproj file to be able to work with continuous integration and build targets.
The response was "YES. It's not in my purview, but I want your details so we can build that."

I asked for a feature that previously I've built with PowerShell and asked Microsoft if they could include it as a standard tool, in the standard web development toolkit for .NET, and they said yes.
That's a pretty awesome feedback loop, to be able to get that feature out to roughly 6 million ASP.NET developers in a matter of weeks or months from asking for it, on behalf of all ASP.NET developers.

I hope I can continue to serve the ASP.NET community well, through education and contributions to the newly-open-sourced ASP.NET Core framework and associated tooling!