After a few weeks of working with a wonderful sponsor, Glynn Brough at RedCloud Technology, I'm thrilled to announce the inaugural event of the Canary Wharf .NET meetup group!

Canary Wharf is the beating heart of London's financial district, and with .NET now being open-source and running on Linux, it's the perfect time to start a meetup that brings tech professionals in the financial industry together to learn about the new and improved .NET ecosystem. Topics will be mostly related to financial technology in particular, including blockchain, IoT, cybersecurity, performance, and machine learning/AI.

Events will usually be held on the second Tuesday of every month, at RedCloud Technology's offices on the 24th floor of One Canada Square, right next to Canary Wharf tube station. Food & beverages will be provided - my experiences of speaking at meetups across the UK, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland means that myself and Glynn will be making the most inclusive meetup we can accommodate for. I will be presenting my "Performance In The Javascript Era" talk at the inaugural meetup, along with a lightning talk from RedCloud's Director of Engineering, Vincent Curry.

I really hope you can come along, Dear Reader - find us on Meetup! And if you'd like to speak at our meetup, please submit your talk over on our Papercall channel.