Canary Wharf .NET User Group's first event!

I was honoured to host Alexander Slotte on Tuesday night at the Canary Wharf .NET User Group - the first meetup of hopefully many more to come.

Alex's talk was a fascinating insight into how to use the ML.NET library from Microsoft to train a model and then use it to make predictions.
In his demonstration, he used a CSV file containing the passenger manifest from the Titanic, analysed 10% of the dataset, and then used it to make predictions about the survival of passengers, based on which class they were travelling in, their age, gender, and how much they paid for their ticket.
During his talk, he mentioned that gender probably wouldn't make a difference, to which I raised an objection - when the Titanic was evacuated, women and children were given priority, so being female, or under the age of 15, would increase the likelihood of survival - and as it turned out, it did!

It was a great example of using existing data to make predictions, including filling in gaps of missing data. I've been trying to learn some basic ML techniques over the past few months and I'll be diving into Alex's talk material and the ML.NET library a lot more over the next few weeks and months.

In the meantime, Dear Reader, can you think of any creative uses of the ML.NET library? Let me know in the comments!